NFNL welcomes new commander

By Miriam P. Aquino

SAN FERNANDO CITY, July 8 (PIA) – The Naval Forces Northern Luzon welcomed its new commander in a recent turn-over ceremony presided by Philippine Navy Vice-Admiral Caesar C. Taccad held recently at the Naval Station Ernesto Ogbinar here.

Captain Erick A. Kagaoan from the Philippine Navy Headquarters replaced Captain Albert A. Mogol who served as the commander of NFNL from June 15, 2015 until July 3, 2016 which translates to exactly one year and 18 days.

In his stint as the commander, Mogol led five billets namely as officer-in-charge of NFNL, commander of Naval Task Force (NTF) 11, commander of NTF 40, commander of NTF 82 and acting commander of Naval Forces Northern Luzon.

The command’s deactivation, relegation and subsequent reactivation, or its transition from NFNL to NTF11, NTF 40, NTF 82, and back to NFNL was for Mogol a unique experience that improved his managerial skills in coping with organizational changes.

In his message, Mogol thanked all the top navy officials and former commanders who shared to him their knowledge and expertise which he was able to apply as the commander of his own fleet.

“This mentoring will produce naval forces commanders who will continue the legacy of excellence, professionalism and dedication,” Mogol said.

He added that assuming commandership in a typhoon-prone area was not an easy task but trusting the men and women of NFNL had produced credible results.

“By the grace of the Almighty God and by the resiliency that the officers, sailors and marines of NFNL have manifested, we were able to surpass this challenge. With eagerness and can do attitude, we have achieved our task of territorial defense, stability and security as mandated,” he said.

As he leaves his post, he confidently told the incoming commander that he will be leaving behind a command that is one of the finest in the navy.

For his part, Capt. Kagaoan, former chief of naval staff at the PN Headquarters, said that in his 30 years in the military, he was taught the rudiments of soldiering and the essence of service.

“Growing up from a military family, my father, General Kagaoan, one of the last AFP Generals in the PNP taught me that wherever I go I should serve my units well and serve my command as well,” the new NFNL commander said.

He added: “I was made to understand that leadership is learned and the ultimate nature of the quality of that leadership comes out in the innate character and personality of the leader itself”.

He also said that he is very fortunate to take command of the NFNL from a very well competent naval officer like his mate, Capt. Mogol.

“Thank you Bok for making my job easier and for preparing the ground, so to speak. Within a short span of time, you have fervently established the reactivate naval operating force with a vision to share”, Kagaoan said.

Under his command, Kagaoan assured that NFNL will remain committed in providing naval defense and to support developmental projects of the government and that NFNL will continue to sail with pride not only to protect maritime defense in the North but also to help people in times of disaster.

To the officers, civilian employees,and enlisted personnel of NFNL, Commander Kagaoan said: “Make a difference and serve our country. Men and women of Naval Forces Northern Luzon, I am taking the lead, follow me.” (JNPD/MPA/PIA1 La Union)

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