Foreigners given until March 1 to report to immigration


DAGUPAN CITY – The Bureau of Immigration-Pangasinan office said foreign immigrants and non-immigrants are given until March 1 to report to the bureau for registration.
Gilbert Lopez, alien control officer, said the annual registration began last January 5 and will continue beyond March 1 with corresponding penalties.

Lopez also called on all undocumented and overstaying aliens to report to the bbureau until September to avoid being arrested.
He said immigrants are permanent residents by marriage and former Filipinos who acquired new citizenships but chose to stay in Pangasinan.
Non-immigrants, on the other hand, include students, missionaries and pre-arranged employees.
“For the first four days of 2015, the bureau registered at least 185 aliens, 50 percent of which are immigrants,” Lopez told the Philippine Information Agency.
Foreigners are required to pay an annual report fee of P310.
In 2014, foreigners in Pangasinan numbered to 1,134, sixty percent of which are immigrants while the remaining 40 percent accounted for non-immigrants.
Lopez said the bulk of immigrants staying in Pangasinan are former Filipinos who chose to stay and retire in the province while the bulk of the non-immigrants or foreign students are Sri Lankans, Somalians, Sudanese, Nigerians, Ethiopians, Nepalese and Indians.
A few Chinese elementary students are also listed but College Chinese students prefer to study in Baguio City where temperature is cooler, Lopez said.
Foreign students in Pangasinan usually study at the Lyceum Northwestern University, University of Luzon and University of Pangasinan in Dagupan City and at the Virgin Milagrosa University in San Carlos City. (MCA/VHS/PIA-1/Pangasinan)


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