‘Cracker victims urged to get anti-tetanus shots

By April M. Montes
DAGUPAN CITY – The Provincial Health Office (PHO) has advised victims of firecracker blasts to get anti-tetanus shots to prevent infection.
Rodhalia Binay-an, nurse coordinator at PHO’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, said even minor cuts and slight burns from firecrackers should not be ignored as these could lead to tetanus infection.
“If not promptly treated, it can cause serious complications and eventually death,” Binay-an said during the Pantongtongan Tayo radio program of PIA-Pangasinan on Tuesday.
Tetanus infection generally occurs through wound contamination and often involves a cut or deep puncture wound.
Its symptoms include headache, lockjaw, high fever and weakness. In severe cases, a patient may develop respiratory spasm leading to his death.
“Let’s not wait for these symptoms to surface before seeking medical attention,” she said.
Meanwhile, Binay-an advised parents not to allow their children to use firecrackers during the holiday season since annually, majority of firecracker victims are children.
Adults who see children playing with firecrackers should seize the firecrackers, stow them some place no longer accessible to children, repeatedly discourage children from buying firecrackers, and educate children on consequences of firecracker injuries. (MCA/AMM/PIA-1, Pangasinan)


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