Laoag mayor leads ‘Panunumpa ng Kawani’ on first working day

LAOAG CITY – It was not the usual flag raising ceremony among Laoag city employees on Monday, January 5, the first working day of 2015.
Instead of a regular city worker, Mayor Chevylle Farinas led the recital of the “Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno” (Government Employee Oath) without reading from a copy.
After the singing of the National Anthem and the recital of Nationalism Oath, Farinas voluntarily went in front of the crowd of employees raised her right hand and began reciting the oath.
Alwin Formantes, of the city media office, described Farinas’ gesture an act of a true leader.
“A very simple act yet it connotes so much inspiration to employees. The city mayor leading the oath sounds more empowering to us,” Formantes said.
The Laoag City hall conducts the regular flag raising ceremony every first day of the week or during Mondays pursuant to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) rules under Republic Act No. 8491 known as the “Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines.”
“For me, public service is a passion already, when your put it in your heart, there is no hard or easy job, it will just come out naturally,” Farinas said.
“The content of the oath says a lot of being a public servant and I don’t need to have a copy of it anymore when reciting because it just comes out of my mind naturally like it has to be,” she added.
A line from the public servant’s oath which the mayor practices says: “Ako’y kawani ng gobyerno, tungkulin ko ang maglingkod nang tapat at mahusay. Dahil dito, ako’y papasok nang maaga at magtatrabaho ng lampas sa takdang oras kung kinakailangan” (I am a public servant. I have an obligation to serve faithfully and efficiently. Because of this, i will go to work early and work beyond the reglamentary hours if necessary).(MCA/CDG,PIA-1,Ilocos Norte)


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