LTO issues new-generation car plates

By Venus May H. Sarmiento


DAGUPAN CITY– Vehicles and motorcycles are now sporting new-generation car plates under the plate standardization scheme of the Land Transportation Office.

Teofilo Guadiz, LTO regional director, said vehicles that were registered from September 30 onwards will be issued new plate design comprising of three-letter and four-number combination. Motorcycles have a two-letter and five-number combination.

Guadiz said LTO has run out of combination for the three letters and four numbers.

“Buying of plates is now computerized and centralized at the LTO central office. The computer will designate the vehicle’s plate number upon vehicle purchase,” Guadiz said during the KBP Forum held at the Philippine Information Agency office last week.

Guadiz said plate distinctions, showing where the vehicle was bought (A for Region 1 or XYZ for Metro Manila), would now be removed with the new plate assignments.

He added the misconception that Manila-issued plates have higher re-sale value would also be forgotten.

Personalized plates will still be available but would cost much higher than regular plates. Personalized plates would range from P20,000 to P40,000.

Vehicle owners who would renew their car registrations next year would also be given the new plate design which boasts of a new seal while the identification data is registered in the LTO computers.

The new plates have a few security features such as reflective sheeting material that will make it visible up to a distance of 100 feet during night or day. It contains security images that cannot be removed without destroying the sheet material.

They also have “laser-betched bar codes” that will have data input that can be verified by LTO.

Guadiz said the possibility of computer crash has been considered prompting LTO to install two backup files. One is situated at the LTO office, the other t its mother unit – the Department of Transportation and Communication.

LTO maintains the same color of plate numbers – yellow for public utility vehicles, green for private, blue for diplomats and red for government vehicles. (MCA/VHS PIA1-Pangasinan)


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