How does Chef Boy Lagro cook Bangus?

DAGUPAN CITY, Apr 26 (PIA) — How do you cook Bangus? Let celebrity chef Boy Lagro, of the cooking show Kusina Master, count the ways.

Lagro provided color to the recent “101 Ways to Cook Seafood” contest in the on-going Bangus Festival here.

Chef Boy, who hosts the morning television show on GMA Network, was one of three judges in the cooking-off among 10 groups of cooks held at the Astrodome building here.

Logro said the secret to cooking seafood is to ensure its freshness and not to over or under-cook the dish.

“There must be a balance in texture and style. Timing is important too,” Logro said.

For aspiring cooks who wish to be successful like him, Logro said a cook must forget his ego.

“Kahit magaling ka magluto kung may ego ka, hindi ka makakarating (sa gusto mo). Dapat balanced din ang pundasyon ng attitude (Even if you are a good cook if you have ego, you won’t go far. You need to be grounded,” he said.

The Kusina Master provided Pangasinenses a sample of his cooking with his own version of Bangus twist – a crispy fried bangus with lemon.

As bangus was the main dish of the day, Logro said his two favorite ways to cook bangus are paksiw and fried.

“Pag namarinate na sa lemon, garlic salt at pepper saka ipiprito, napakasarap! (Once marinated in lemon, garlic, salt and pepper and then fried, the dish is Yum, yum yum!)” the celebrity chef said. (MCA/VHS-PIA-Pangasinan)


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