News Feature: Making everyday an Earth Day

LAOAG CITY, April 25 (PIA) — If you haven’t noticed, summer has been searing and wet alternately, at least in some parts of the country. It is called climate change and it is time to take notice.

This was what the government reminded the public last April 22 when it marked Earth Day.

To environment leaders, however, everyday should be Earth Day.

“We can turn everyday an Earth Day by being good to our environment,” Juan P. delos Reyes, provincial environment and natural resources officer, said during a multi-sectoral meeting of government and private sector representatives.

Delos Reyes said it was time for mankind to do their share in protecting the environment.

“Refraining from smoking in public or throwing your trash properly are both beneficial to our environment,” he said.

Working on the theme “The Face of Climate Change,” the government’s environment body has committed to provide long-term solutions to the challenges of climate change.

It marked Earth Day by sweeping the province of illegal campaign posters and renewed its call to candidates and their supporters to keep trees poster-free.

Delos Reyes said the campaign to save the trees seemed to have trickled down to peoples’ consciousness this year because more trees were found free from posters than last year.

“Last election season, about two percent of our trees bore posters. It is down to one percent this year,” delos Reyes said.

“It only shows that Filipinos are becoming more responsible,” he added.

The Penro team also conducted a clean-up drive along the Padsan River in Laoag City to mark Earth Day.

Delos Reyes said the office has started hiring more barangay ranger officers (BROs) to act as protectors of forests and watersheds. (MCA/ CJDG-PIA1, Ilocos Norte)


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