La Union bets on bamboo project as income earner

SAN FERNANDO CITY, April 22 (PIA) — The city government continues to bet on its bamboo project as a source of income for farmers and handicraft makers.

At least 87 farmers were given a lecture on bamboo propagation and on the various usage of the bamboo plant in preparation for the putting up of a bamboo processing center here.

Romualdo Sta. Ana, city consultant for the bamboo industry development, said the city government is also working on building partnerships with bamboo processors, manufacturers and exporters to generate business for bamboo, the city’s one-town-one-product.

Under a proposal, bamboo poles will be cut into desired sizes and lengths before they are converted to handcrafts and construction products.

Sta. Ana advised farmers to observe proper spacing in planting bamboo which is at least a foot between bamboo poles with a maximum of 18 poles in each clump.

“This improves bamboo productivity and ensures a steady supply for farmers,” he said.

Sta. Ana said the bamboo plant also contributes in protecting the environment as it rejuvenates degraded farmlands and prevents soil erosion and landslides.

“The bamboo plant has 1,500 recorded usages. It can be a major resource for poverty alleviation and economic development,” he said.

Citing studies, Sta. Ana said locals can generate income from bamboo shoots which has a huge demand in China and Japan.

Exporting bamboo will be easier with the presence of a seaport and an airport, he added. (MCA/MHH PIA1 La Union with reports from Myla B. Madrid/City Media Bureau)


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