Cinematography workshop hones Ilocanos’ film-making skills

CITY, Feb. 26 (PIA) — Film directors and enthusiasts shared their expertise in a 3-day workshop on basic cinematography here paving the way for Ilocano youth to sharpen their skills on media arts.

Over 40 participants showed interest in film developing and media manipulation under the direction of acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ferdinand Balanag and photography specialist Waffy Casem.

Balanag is behind the Golden Ace awardee documentary film ‘Walking the Walking Journey,’ which was an entry in the Las Vegas Film Festival in 2010.

After the workshops, participants came up with a presentation in groups applying the techniques they learned.

Balanag commended the participants for coming up with good presentations despite the limited time they had to work on.

“They are commendable for the kind of discipline they had exerted in composing and producing their films. They perfectly employed the different elements they learned,” Balanag said.

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte together with the Film Development Council of the Philippines have been partners for three years in providing media art education to Ilocanos since the launching of the provincial government’s art festival, “Looking for Johnny Moon”.

The festival, yearly undertaken by the local government, intends to develop budding artists especially the youth who draw inspiration from Ilocano artist Juan Luna.

The provincial government has been nurturing young Ilocanos’ media arts skills in competitions like film-making during the ‘Semana ti Ar-aria’ (Feast of the Dead) celebration.

This has been the third occasion that the provincial government staged a workshop on cinematography. In previous years, “the Johnny Moon arts festival” featured a wide variety of creative media art forms from film directing, script writing, film editing, sound design, graphics design, animation and game development.

Governor Imee R. Marcos, the prime mover of the Johnny Moon Series, said, “Spread the news! We will be conducting more activities like this to come up with more opportunities for Ilocanos’ homegrown talents.”(MCA/CJDG-PIA1 Ilocos Norte)


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