NGCP assures stable power supply for 2013 polls

PANGASINAN, Jan. 30 (PIA) — The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) commits to the public that the country’s power supply will remain reliable and stable during the May 2013 elections.

NGCP Spokesperson Atty. Cynthia Alabanza said that NGCP formed a special task force which will be responsible for the smooth transmission of electricity and creation of contingency plans and measures during the election.

The task force, she said, will commence its operation as early as February and will work 24 hours a day from May 10-17.

“NGCP creates a task force every election season to guarantee uninterrupted power transmission, and this election will be no different. Part of the task force’s mandate is to secure the lines and substations from any threats to avoid unplanned outages,” explained Alabanza.

Lilibeth Gaydowen, NGCP Corporate Communications Officer for North Luzon, however clarified that NGCP can only guarantee that there will be no transmission-related interruptions.

Gaydowen said that any power interruption caused by other factors, such as generation deficiencies or those pertaining to distribution utility operations are beyond the power grid’s control.

“NGCP will make sure that power delivery is excellent and transmission lines and equipment are at their best to ensure that the country will have electricity for the voting machines,” Gaydowen added.

As part of its preparations, the NGCP will defer its regular maintenance activities one week before and one week after the election to make all the transmission assets available for power delivery.

For regular updates and announcements, consumers may follow NGCP on Twitter at @NGCP_ALERT or connect with them on Facebook through (ANL/VHS- PIA 1 Pangasinan with reports from NGCP)#


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