News feature: PH Population Report way to go in achieving better environment, better health

SAN FERNANDO, La Union,  (PIA) — Population, health and environment (PHE) are all interconnected that needs to be addressed for better quality of life, according to development experts.

The Commission on Population (PopCom) has always viewed the population problem in relation to the other aspects of development – health and basic services, human development, environment, and social and economic development – this is why said agency will be introducing the fifth State of the Philippine Population Report (SPPR5) on December 17 here.

The SPPR5 is a periodic publication of PopCom that explores the interrelationships among population, people’s health and quality of life, and the environment. It draws attention to the need to integrate efforts to address these issues considering their close linkages in order to arrive at efficient, effective and practical solutions.

It also gives recommendations on how public officials from the national down to the barangay level and their constituents can apply this approach in improving their lives and the health and wealth of the surrounding aside from recognizing the government measures from protecting the environment, managing the population and developing the health of Filipinos based, PopCom cited.

Erma R. Yapit, regional director of PopCom-1 said there is a need for a population management program in the region in order not to lose current resources and achieve a sustainable environment since many are still affected by their culture and values that they have.

The Catholic Church must be enlightened and comprehensive in the dissemination of information related to our family programs for complete promotion of a healthy and balance family size, Yapit said.

Citing as example the Muslim brothers in San Fernando City who support responsible parenthood while expressing hope for a partnership with the Catholic religion.

We expect that program planners, policy makers, managers including those in government and the different sectors to find a convergence and make PHE integrated actions towards what people need to know for the present and future generations based from the SPPR5, she said. (ANL/MHH-PIA 1 La Union)


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