City tourism seeks cultural mapping of communities

DAGUPAN CITY, Dec (PIA) — The tourism office will conduct a study to identify the culture of every community in this city.

“If there is one project that I wanted to do next year, it is the cultural mapping of every barangay in the city,” City Tourism Officer Mary Rose Teng Mejia said on Thursday.

“I am a staunch believer in cultural mapping. If we know where we came from, we will also know where we can go,” she added.

Stressing the importance of studying the flora and fauna, delicacy, folklore and history and origin of the names of the communities, Mejia said, “If we will observe, the provinces and towns that have conducted cultural mapping are now progressive.”

The study will determine the strength of each community based on its roots, she said during this week’s KBP Forum at the Philippine Information Agency office.

Among the things that would be researched include determining whether Gen. Douglas McArthur landed in Bonuan or in Lingayen town and the origin of bukayo-making in what is now Barangay Bacayao, she said.

This city launched earlier this year the Dagupan’s Best campaign to improve the quality, and thus the marketability of the products unique in each community. (ANL/ARRF-PIA 1 Pangasinan)


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