DOLE’s Family Welfare Program improves businesses in Region 1

DAGUPAN CITY, Pangasinan, Sept 21 (PIA) — The Family Welfare Program (FWP) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has helped improve business enterprises in Region 1.

Companies benefited from having FWP in their workplace, Labor Communications Officer Arly Valdez said in a statement.

These benefits included better employer-employee relationships and workers’ productivity and performance, leading ultimately to business profitability, Valdez added.

Chimes Enterprises, a furnishing design and office automation center in this city, has increased its annual sales volume by 33 percent and its capital investment or total asset by 22 percent since it installed DOLE’s program, DOLE-1 Regional Director Grace Ursua said.

Ursua said that based on the company’s own account, the family welfare program helped reduce worker absences, worker errors and customer complaints.

DOLE’s Family Welfare Program is based on the Labor Code and on Department Order 56-03.

It is mandatory for establishments employing at least 200 workers and optional for those with less than 200 employees.

The program seeks to introduce the concept of promoting the welfare of workers and their families as a key to workplace productivity and improved worker-management relations.

It is an advocacy program that draws corporate support in promoting workers’ quality of life by adopting a family-centered approach in the workplace.

“The law mandates the establishment of reproductive health or responsible parenthood activities and gender equality services, but establishments are not prevented from installing other services on medical or healthcare, spirituality or value formation, income generation or livelihood, nutrition, sports and leisure, housing, transportation environment care and sanitation,” Ursua said.

FWP is one of the agency’s strategies of fulfilling the goal of decent work for Filipino workers laid down in President Benigno Aquino’s Labor and Employment Agenda and the Labor and Employment Plan 2011-2016. (ANL/VHS-PIA1 Pangasinan with reports from DOLE)


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