6 Cerebral palsied kids of Vigan can walk, run independently after therapy

VIGAN CITY, Ilocos Sur, September 20 (PIA) – ‘Hope springs eternal’ particularly for six cerebral palsy patients of this city. This came through as the country celebrates the 9th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week on September 16 to 22 with the theme, “Sa Karapatang Natutunan, Tanaw Na Ang Magandang Kinabukasan ”.

The success story report of the Vigan Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) states that six kids suffering from cerebral palsy (CP) and delayed motor development can walk, run, jump independently after physical therapy sessions. “Cerebral palsy,” according to Vigan STAC, “is a group of problems that affects body movement and posture; it is related to brain injury or to problems f brain growth. It causes reflex movement that a person can’t control and muscle tightness that affect parts or all of the body.”

Jefferson Barcena, born on November 13, 2005 has CP and spastic displegia. Cerebral palsy spastic displegia, according to Wikipedia, is the most common type of cerebral palsy and occurs when the brain’s outer surface, the cerebral cortex, is damaged. First evaluated on April 9, 2008, Barcena can crawl and sit alone, but he cannot stand and walk independently. After physical therapy sessions, he was discharged from therapy on January 28, 2009 because he can walk independently.

Zurus Draven Gonzales, born on October 26, 2009, was diagnosed with delayed motor development. First evaluated on September 24, 2010, he can sit, crawl, has good control of his head, trunk and hands but cannot stand and walk. After physical therapy sessions he was visited in his home on March 2011. STAC Vigan found he can already stand, walk, jump and run independently.

Enrick John Corpuz, born on September 22, 2008, has congenital Talipes Equinovarus. Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) or club foot (CF) is a common skeletal anomaly affecting the foot. It is the commonest anomaly affecting the feet diagnosed on antenatal ultrasound, according to Radiopaedia.org. First evaluated on November 25, 2009, Corpuz can crawl and sit alone but cannot stand and walk independently. After he was referred to Dr Aniceto his affected foot was given a cast at the Gabriela Silang General Hospital in Vigan. And had therapy after removal of the cast. In December 2010 he can walk and run independently.

Ezekiel Haban, born on January 28, 1998, has spastic diplegia. A physical therapist treated him on October 11, 2007 until February 3, 2009. In the home visit by STAC Vigan in December 2011 he can walk independently and can bathe, eat and groom by himself.

Arthur Guillen, born on April 4, 2009, has delayed motor development. First evaluated on April 5, 2010 he had good motor on both upper extremities but cannot hold head upright, walk, sit, stand or walk. He was discharged from physical therapy sessions in March 2011 because he can already sit, stand and walk independently.

April Arce, born April 21, 2006 has spastic displegia. First evaluated on January 16, 2008 he can sit, crawl, has good motor on both extremities. But he cannot stand or walk. After therapy sessions, in March 2011, he can walk and jump independently.

The Vigan Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) was inaugurated on October 1, 2007 to help the city’s children with disabilities. As of today there are 80 cerebral palsy beneficiaries with three deaths. (ANL/ICR-PIA 1 Ilocos Sur)


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