Feature: Energy access for more

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, Sept 10 (PIA) — “Energy is everywhere. Anything we eat or use has energy embodied in it. Every object we produce required energy to make or energy to transport, and the energy demands are closely linked to the economic growth of a country,” according to Peter Hall of Science Learning Hub.

This is why the Department of Energy (DOE) continuously underscores its guiding vision of ‘Energy Access for more’ to mainstream/normal access of the larger populace to reliable and affordable energy services to fuel and especially local productivity and countryside development.

The department expects to move energy access higher into the political and development agenda of the administration.

During the Multi Sectoral forum, Zenaida Y. Monsada, Oil Industry Management Bureau Director presented the framework on local oil industry to media entities, local government unit’s representatives and retailers of Liquified Petroleum Products and Liquified Petroleum Gas which would serve as medium or conduit in disseminating the benefits and developments on the Downstream Oil Industry.

Topics discussed during the forum include Oil deregulation law, regulatory framework on role of DOE units, basic considerations and price mitigation measures on oil pricing, among others.

According to DOE, this strategy was undertaken not only here but in other regions because the access to energy has become essential in the operation of modern economies.

Even ‘Energy is everywhere’ which perhaps everyone can say, but still scarcity of supply, inequitable distribution, rising costs of fossil fuels such as oil and gas as well as the environmental impacts of energy development has been prevalent in the country nowadays.

Having the powers and functions under pertinent energy and power-related legislations, DOE encourages stakeholder’s participation, exercise transparency and accountability and initiate multi-sectoral partnership from the planning phase to implementation of energy plans and programs.

Indeed, the DOE have also committed to pursue national development through the two-fold agenda of attaining energy independence and implementing power market reforms, which they have affirmed on its Philippine Energy Plan for 2005-2014.

DOE has just concluded two multi-sectoral for a in Dagupan City to cover the provinces of Pangasinan and La Union; and in Laoag City to cover the provinces of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte last August 29 and August 31 respectively. (ANL/MHH PIA1 La Union with reports from DOE/http://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/Contexts/Future-Fuels/Sci-Media/Video/Why-is-energy-important)


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