Community now involved in anti-drugs campaign

DAGUPAN CITY, Aug 7 (PIA) — The series of buy-bust operations that led to the arrests of several illegal drug personalities in this city recently might not have been possible without the cooperation of the community.

Mayor Benjamin S. Lim said that the people from the community now tips off the police regarding illegal drugs activity in their area.

“The reason why the PNP has now become more active and more effective in arresting these people (drug suspects) is that the community are now openly giving them information,” he said during the Media in Action forum of the Pangasinan Press Club on Friday.

Since the city government launched its intensive anti-illegal drugs campaign on June 20, the police have already conducted 12 buy- bust operations, netting 25 suspects all of whom are now facing criminal charges, according to the mayor.

Notable arrests involved two employees of the city government and a vice-president of a college here.

Most recently, a 23-year old nursing student was caught peddling drugs in the university where she was studying. Found in her possession were several sachets of methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, worth P125,000.

“We have to sustain this (anti-illegal drugs campaign) to show government is serious; it is being supported by the community, and the PNP is doing their job,” he added.

Dagupan should be drug-free in the near future; but how far or how fast depends on our people, he said. (ANL/ARRF-PIA 1, Pangasinan)


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