Sual Power plant is clean, says admin

DAGUPAN CITY, July 27 (PIA) — The Sual Power Plant remains environment-friendly despite its emission of gases and waste water.

Team Energy (Tokyo Electric Power Company and Marubeni Corporation), which manages the coal-fired power plant, assured Thursday, saying that all emissions from the plant are filtered and treated before they are released or disposed.

Training manager Nicanor Ramos Jr. said there are numerous environmental concerns involved in the operation of the plant but management addresses them well.

“We have never received a negative citation from the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources),” he said during the KBP Forum at the Philippine Information Agency office.

By burning coal, the plant turns water into steam that drives generator turbines, which generate electricity, he explained.

The waste water undergoes two phases of treatment and is sampled before being discharged to the sea, he said, adding that part of the waste water is also used to irrigate the vegetation within the power plant compound.

Burnt coal, meanwhile, produces bottom and fly ashes as by-products.

Bottom ashes, which accumulate below the boiler, are directly stored into the 140-hectare ash disposal area. Fly ashes, meanwhile, are extracted from smoke through an electrostatic precipitator before it comes out of the chimney.

The smoke, he said, contains nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide (known air pollutants) but they are within the limits set by the DENR, he assured.

Sual Power Plant, the country’s biggest coal-fired power plant, generates about 1,200 megawatts of power, equivalent to 20 percent of the total demand of the Luzon power grid, he said. (ANL/ARRF-PIA 1, Pangasinan)


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