New set of PhilHealth primary care benefits now available

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, July 10 (PIA) — The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) has introduced a new set of enhanced benefits called the Primary Care Benefits I, designed to improve risk protection for its members.

The new package includes consultations, regular blood pressure monitoring and health promotion like education and breastfeeding, counseling on lifestyle modification, and smoke cessation.

Medicines are also provided for common diseases like asthma and acute gastroenteritis with no or mild dehydration, pneumonia, and urinary tract infection.

Diagnostic services such as complete blood count, urinalysis, sputum microscopy, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile and chest x-ray are also included in the package.

Initially, these new benefits will be available to members under the Sponsored, Organized Groups, and Overseas Workers Program and to their qualified dependents.

However, PhilHealth president and CEO Eduardo Banzon assured that all members in the different categories will eventually have access to these benefits.

To access the benefit, PhilHealth has been assigning Special Program members to designated PCB providers – rural health units, health centers, and outpatient departments of government hospitals nationwide since April 1.

In the province, applications of PCB providers are still ongoing, according to PhilHealth Data Controller Arnold Tutaan.

“This new benefit will also allow existing health centers/rural health units to improve and expand vital primary health care services, and continue to meet the increased demand for these services,” Banzon added.


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