Red Cross-Laoag calls on Ilocanos to donate blood

LAOAG CITY, July 6 — The Philippine National Red Cross- Laoag City chapter is calling on healthy Ilocanos to donate blood.

Dr Junilyn Quitorias said the blood to be donated will save lives.

“Every day, blood is needed by people suffering from many diseases such as anemia, leukemia and those who will undergo surgery or those who will deliver a baby. The blood that you donate will save these people,” Quitorias said.

As the world observes World Blood Donor Month this July, the PRC-Laoag City Chapter will be conducting bloodletting activities. Groups and institutions have already expressed their willingness to donate blood.

Those who will be donating blood this month will receive some token of gratitude from the PRC.

There will also be a bloodletting activity on July 27 at the Robinson’s Mall in San Nicolas town, where many mall-goers can donate.

On the same date, the PRC will also hand out awards to the new ‘galloners’ in the province. A galloner is someone who has donated 9 units of blood (a unit is 450 cc). One bronze awardee is also expected to receive recognition for having donated 25 units of blood.

Quitorias said that aside from being able to save lives, donating blood provides benefits to the donor.

“You will get a personal health check, like you will know your blood type, hemoglobin, blood pressure and also if you have other diseases. Furthermore, your bone marrow will be stimulated to produce new and active cells which in turn make the blood-forming organs function more effectively,” she said.

Quitorias also reminded the public not to have misgivings in donating blood.

“A healthy individual may donate blood without any ill effects. The small loss of about 450cc will be rapidly compensated by the body. The fluid portion will be replaced within 24 hours and cell within weeks, so that by the end of the month, the body will have the same amount of blood as before the blood donation. In fact, a healthy person may donate blood every 3 months,” she clarified.

According to the PRC, the basic requisites for prospective donors are that they should be between16 to 65 years old, at least 110 lbs, not anemic, with a blood pressure between 90-160 mmHg (systolic) and 60-100 mmHG (diastolic) and generally in good health condition.

The final medical assessment, however, will depend on the physician at the local PRC.

Especially now that the rainy season has set in and dengue cases may rise, many people will be in need of blood.

“You are always welcome at our center or wherever we are conducting our blood letting activity to donate blood. Encourage your friends and members of your group to donate blood. Your precious blood will help save lives,” Quitorias said.

The local PRC is located at the back of the Heroes Hall in Laoag City. (ANL/CPC-PIA 1 Ilocos Norte)


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