Search for Best Prepared Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee on

BAUANG, LA UNION, June 19 (PIA) — The local government of Bauang initiated the Search for Best Prepared Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee as it aims to have zero casualties and mitigate the effects of man-made and natural disasters.

“If the team in the barangay followed the points of compliance, it means the team is now prepared to respond and recover from any disaster that may arrive, which is the goal of the municipality,” said Municipal Administrator Crisanto Palabay in an interview.

Among the points of compliance are: organized and functional barangay disaster risk reduction management council and presentation of minutes of meeting, attendance, topics, and resolutions; PowerPoint presentation of disaster risk reduction development and action plan with data on population, household accounting, photo of important structure and its design, data on commercial, and agricultural and residential land use; presentation of photo documentation and certification in emergency response operation and capability trainings; organized and activated barangay emergency response team with hardhat, coveralls uniforms, boots, and basic emergency response tools and equipment; emergency box with first aid kit emergency instruction manual and evacuation plan; identified safe evacuation areas for citizens and livestocks provided with visible evacuation guide markers and signs; improvised early warning system; evacuation and preparedness drill for floods, earthquake, and tsunami; barangay emergency response team skills demo for CPR, first aid, infection control practice; and presentation of basic emergency response tools and equipment hazard map.

The search committee is composed of Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman III as chairman; Municipal Consultant Michael Zarate, Municipal Administrator Crisanto Palabay, MENRO Samuel C. Caluza, Pol Chief Insp. Artemio C. Infante, MLGOO Grace Surell, MPDC Rainier Calica, Municipal Engr. Ricarte Tadeja, MSWDO Erlinda Nunan, and GSO Lourdes Gapasin as members; and Merlyn dela Cruz, Adelfa Fontz, Arlie Renon, and Radjita Abuan as secretariat.

The search started on June 13 and will end on June 26 this year.

The chosen barangay will be an entry to the GAWAD KALASAG 2012 by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, a search for exemplary performance in disaster risk reduction and management by implementing innovations. (ANL/MBR/PIA 1-La Union)


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