Feature: Smile please teacher and don’t be the first bully in the classroom

Grade school teacher Ruvelyn Alcain never forgets to smile in school, or anywhere she is.

This cheerful disposition is highly encouraged by the Department of Education (DepEd) for teachers to keep the children and the teacher themselves happy.

DepEd secretary Armin Luistro, under Memorandum No. 85 series of 2012, directs that every public school teacher and administrator must keep a “positive disposition” and “wear a smile” when classes open this June 4 for a “Wear a Smile” campaign.

A retired teacher shared that the best way to teach children is through a cheerful attitude.

“How can a teacher go through her whole day without keeping a positive, cheerful attitude? With the kind of attitudes and behavior of children now influenced by media and all kinds of gadgets, teachers must have the strongest character to keep her poise, particularly to keep the children in tune with her and the lessons,” she said.

According to her, steamy teachers cannot go anywhere with the lessons as oppose to the cheerful one. Cheerful teachers will earn the respect of every student, fellow workers and community residents.

“The angry, serious-faced teacher can’t reach out to students. Few of them would like to listen to her because they are afraid of her. So, here the first bully of the classroom is the teacher. And this must not happen in any school,” she said.

As the incoming school year nears, teachers all over the country are urged to keep happy thoughts to remain smiling inside and outside.

Meanwhile, aside from the campaign, DepEd has also partnered with Cebuano Lhuillier Insurance Solutions for the “Search for the Happiest Pinoy” contest.

Luistro said the search “aims to put schools in a cheerful atmosphere and at the same time influence the pupils and students to look forward to good days in their classes.”

It is open to all Pinoys of legal age, of good moral character, residing in any part of the country, and groups or organizations registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

He added that, “there will be two slots for the top 10 finalists allotted for the happiest teacher and student.”

On September 25, cash prizes and trophies will go to the happiest Pinoy winners.

He said school heads will have primary responsibility for ensuring the success of the “Wear a Smile” campaign.

“Regional directors, school division and city superintendents and supervisors shall carry out the campaign in their respective offices, schools and monitor its conduct in their respective areas.’ (ANL/ICR-PIA 1, Ilocos Sur)


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