Laoag eyes new look for famous Ilocano “empanada”

LAOAG CITY, May 10 (PIA) — The city government of Laoag is planning to improve the packaging of Ilocos’ famous stuffed bread snack, “empanada” to make the delicacy more attractive and convenient to carry around.

Laoag mayor Michael Fariñas said city employees are now doing a research on the best packaging material for the empanada to give the Ilocano snack a new look.

Fariñas said the city government will create the packaging design and distribute them to empanada vendors around the city. The city government has started coordinating with the Departments of Science and Technology and Trade and Industry to come up with proposed designs.

He said he is looking at packing materials that will bear the city government’s logo so that the packaging would also be a means to promote Laoag.

The idea to improve the empanada’s packaging came to mind when the mayor saw how the snack sold like hot cakes during the Holy Week vacation when tourists were seen bringing home dozens of the snack to their home provinces.

He noted the huge business potential that the snack will further generate once its packaging is improved.

He said the design will be similar to materials used by fast-food chains in keeping their take-out orders.

He said the packing material will make it convenient for tourists who wish to bring home the snack as “pasalubong (give away)” when they go back to their homes.

At present, the snack is placed individually in brown paper bags while those bought in bulk are placed in plastic bags.

The city government is looking at creating a packaging material that will be used to wrap the empanada that is bought in volume.

It is also looking at a separate packaging material for other famous Ilocano food such as the bagnet and longganisa. Empanada, made of grated papaya topped with egg and longganisa and wrapped in an orange-colored crust, has been a known delicacy by the Ilocanos. (ANL/CCA-PIA1 Ilocos Norte)


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