Pangasinan convenes youth for province-wide camp

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, May 04 (PIA) — A province-wide youth camp dubbed “Doypuay Kalangweran” (gathering of the youth) was held from April 30 to May 1 at the beachfront in this town as part of the Pistay Dayat (Sea Festival) celebration.

A total of 382 provincial scholars from the nine campuses of Pangasinan State University (PSU) attended this development program which aims to inculcate environmental awareness, instill appreciation of local culture and imbibe essential family values among young Pangasinenses.

As their initial activity, the campers participated in the tree planting spearheaded by the provincial government. The event took place at the foot of the Bañaga Bridge in Bugallon town which is the province’s post commemoration of the Earth Day.

They also listened to discussions of different resource speakers centered on ecology preservation, history of Pangasinan way of life and character formation conducted at the camp site. Further, various Filipino games such as kite flying, “palo sebo” and sack race were played which brought them closer to one another.

On the following day, they have witnessed the parade of colorful and artistically-designed boats in the fluvial float competition called “Banca Parada” which showcased the improvement of the rivers in Pangasinan.

The youth camp is now on its fifth year and continuously provides worthwhile experiences for young Pangasinenses. “It was an unforgettable occasion and we learned a lot of things that will develop us being the future of Pangasinan,” affirmed Maria Cristina Libao from PSU Infanta campus.

It is as well a realization of the provincial government’s vow to prioritize programs geared on enhancing the youth, turning them into well-rounded individuals and at the same time renewing their significant role in the society. (JCR/AMM-PIA 1 Pangasinan)


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