Ilocano News: Lokal a gobierno ti San Fernando City iginannuat ti ‘People’s Day diay barbarangay ti Distrito XII

SIUDAD ITI SAN FERNANDO, La Union, Mayo 30 (PIA) — Iti maikatlo a daras manipud idi naigannuat ti ‘People’s’ Day idi bulan ti Abril, iginannuat manen ti lokal a gobierno ti San Fernando City iti ‘People’s Day’ diay Distrito XII idi Mayo 23 a masakupan ti innem a barangay.

Datoy ket masakupan ti barangay Apaleng, Bangbangolan, Bacsil, Baraoas, Calabugao, ken Puspos.

Nadumaduma a serbisyo iti naipaay ti datoy a programa nangnangruna ti pakasapulanda para iti salun-atda kas iti libre a panagpakapon dagiti ububbing, panagpabunot ti ngipin, panagpaeksamen ti isbu ken ag-agas kas iti anti-biotics ken bitamina.

Adda met ti panagkolektada iti plastik ken nabuong a botbote tapno maisukat ti “Palit Basura diay Store ni Pablo”.

Nangted met dagiti empleyado iti nasao a gobierno ti inpormasyon para kadagiti babbaket ken lallakay maipanggep ti agrikultura, salun-at, aglawlaw, ken ti ordinansa maipanggep ti negosyo ken individual permits, sanitary permits, fire clearance ken dadduma pay tapno maammuanda a ti datoy a serbisyo ket dakkel a tulong ti maited na nangnangruna ti panagbiagda.

“Maragsakan kami la unay ta makaited daytoy a serbisyo ti tulong kadakami nangnangruna iti naduma-duma nga ag-agas nga maipaay para dagiti masaksakit ditoy ayan mi,” kinuna ni Marites Casugay, maysa nga agtagibalay ken residente iti barangay Bangbangolan.

Nagited dagiti opisyales ti lokal a gobierno iti computers, gamit ti eskuela, kopya ti citizen’s charter ken sangagasut a ribo a piso ti kada barangay tapno maaramatda a panagpatarimaan ken panagkumpuni ti entabladoda.

Kas paset ti programa, adda naaramid a maysa a ‘Talakayan’ dagiti bumarangay ken dagiti opisyales, a pakairamanan ti Philippine Information Agency ken DZNL Aksyon Radyo, kas maysa a gundaway a nangiyebkasan dagiti dawatda ti dadduma a bumarangay.

Adda ti sumagmamano a problema iti naidatag ti barangay Baraoas ken Calabugao maipanggep iti pannaka-addaanda ti scholarship program para kadagiti marigrigat diay lugarda, farm-to-market-road ken footbridge kasta met iti bubong ti basketball court ti barangay.

Impasigurado ni Mayor Pablo C. Ortega nga aramidenda ti kabaelanda a maresolbar dagiti dawat iti nadumaduma a barangay ti datoy a tawen.

Nagyaman pay kadagiti bunggoy a nakisuporta agraman kadagiti nadumaduma nga agensya, opisyales ti barangay ken dagiti komunidad iti People’s Day a naigannuat ken inwaragawag na nga inton Hunio 22 iti samaruno a pannakaigannuat ti datoy a programa. (JCR/EMR/PIA1 La Union)

(GISTS – For the third time since the launching of the People’s Day’ in April this year by the local government unit of San Fernando City, another round of ‘People’s Day’ was conducted on May 23 at District XII covering seven barangays to include barangays Apaleng, Bangbangolan, Bacsil, Baraoas, Calabuyao, and Puspos. Basic services of the city, including partner agencies were provided aiming to bring government services closer to the people, in addition to the ‘Talakayan’ which was conducted as venue for the barangay folks to voice out their needs/problems/sentiments for the local government unit to address.


Reg’l police intensifies crime solution activities to fight crimes

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, May 30 (PIA) — In an effort to combat crimes in the region, the Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) is intensifying its crime efficiency activities in all police units, hand in hand with the agency’s goal of creating more competent and effective police personnel.

Police Regional Office 1 Director Police Chief Superintendent Franklin Jesus Bucayu said in an interview that generally, the daily intensified checkpoint operations implemented in different police units in the four provinces of the region is in adherence to the various programs of the PNP under the Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS). Programs like Oplan LAMBAT, Oplan Bakal, Search Warrant operation, mobile patrolling, foot patrol, arrest of wanted person, and the Anti-Helmet Law which have proven very effective.

“With our strengthened No Helmet, No Travel policy, we’ve been arresting a lot of riders of motorcycles without helmet, riding-in-tandem, robbers in motorbikes used as getaway vehicles, and still other forms of crime,” Bucayu said.

Asked regarding installations of more candid camera television or CCTV in all areas where a huge number of people usually gather or flock including national highways in all the municipalities, Director Bucayu said that the police strongly support and even encourage all the local government units and business establishments to install CCTVs as this is helpful in times of crime and in monitoring traffic in congested areas.

Bucayu cited an earlier incident which coincided with “shabu tiangge” incident in Pasig. “It was at that same time that we were able to arrest a van which was half-ton full of marijuana with just a phone call from an informer. The informer said that the suspects were positively going southward. We set up checkpoints which led to their arrest but we almost lost them because we caught them (two of the three suspects) when they were already in Rosario, the last municipality in La Union,” the official informed.

The following year, we caught the other suspect and after a year the three were sentenced to life imprisonment,” Bucayu assured. (JCR/MPA-PIA 1, La Union)

DepEd-LU teachers attend K to 12 training

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, May 30 (PIA) – As part the preparations for the initial nationawide implementation of the K to 12 program, the Department of Education – City Division of San Fernando here participated in the regional mass training for Grades 1 and Grades seven teachers.

Daphne Anne Ignacio, City School’s K to 12 program coordinator, said that they have sent Grade VII teachers for training in schools like the Saint Louis College (SLC), Union Christian College (UCC) in La Union, and Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Laoag, and Grade I teachers in Bacarra National High School (BNHS), Bacarra, Ilocos Norte.

Ignacio informed that there were a total of 67 Grade I teachers from different schools under the City Division who took their training last May 16-20, 2012 at BNHS.

Grade VII teachers’ training is conducted per major subject. In SLC, only four subjects/fields of learning were taught by Teacher Education Instructors namely, English with four trainees, Math – 11, and Science with 12, and training was held on May 14-18. For the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) subject which started May 28-June 1, there were 14 teachers who participated.

The first batch of trainees in UCC who attended the May 14-18 session were teachers who specialized in Araling Panlipunan or Social Studies with a total of 12 participants and five for the Edukasyong Pagpapakatao (EP) or Values Education subject.

The second batch are English and Music, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) teachers, with total participants of six and 22, respectively. They attended their training also at UCC on May 21-25.

Ignacio also added that Filipino subject teachers were sent to MMSU for the May 19-23 schedule and there were eight from the City of San Fernando Division.

This is an all-expense paid training so there were no worries for the participants but to learn in order to prepare them become efficient and more effective educators for the new curriculum, Ignacio said. (ANL/MPA-PIA 1 La Union)

CSC tightens policy on the designation of smoking areas on government offices

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, May 30 — The Civil Service Commission Regional Office 1 (CSC-RO1) in cooperation with the Department of Health (DOH) conducted a whole day orientation-seminar recently which was participated in by representatives from the different government agencies in the region to raise awareness on the ill effects of cigarette smoking and to strengthen policy on the 100 percent smoke-free government offices.

According to Department of Health (DOH) Nurse Gaylene de Sesto, there are 6 million deaths a year worldwide due to smoking. In 2003, there were more than 23,000 deaths in the Philippines due to smoking and would continually grow if no action is taken.

“To promote wellness, health and morale of public servants, we have to strictly designate a proper smoking area in every government offices in accordance to the Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 2010-01,” Marichu Y. Cuison said during the orientation.

In review, the JMC is for the protection of the bureaucracy against tobacco industry interference. In connection to this, it is then a directive from CSC that all government agencies should designate a smoking area in every office.

Designated Smoking Area refers to a place that is open to the general public for smoking and should be an open space or separate area within the building with ventilation but shall not be located within the same room that has been designated as a non-smoking area.

However, government agencies that provide education, health and/or social welfare and development services like hospitals, health centers, schools, universities and colleges among others should strictly implement a non-smoking area, Cuison added.

Any person caught smoking in public places or outside the designated smoking areas shall be penalized according to the Republic Act 9211: first offense, a fine of not less than P500 but not more than P1,000 shall be imposed; second offense, a fine of not less than P1,000 but not more than P5,000 shall be imposed; and third offense, in addition to a fine of not less than P5,000 but not more than P10,000.

The CSC is a nominee for this year’s DOH Red Orchid Award – a Search for 100 percent Tobacco-Free Environments, which aims to protect people from the hazards of tobacco smoke and exposure to secondhand smoking. (ANL/MBR-PIA 1 La Union)

18,000 seedlings planted in LU, says LUPPO

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union, May 30 (PIA) — The La Union Provincial Police Office (LUPPO) reported that about 18 thousand assorted seedling trees were already planted by its police personnel in the province particularly from Sudipen to Rosario beginning February up to present.

This is in support to Executive Order No. 26 ordering and declaring the implementation of the National Greening Program as a government priority issued by President Benigno S. Aquino III, which seeks to preserve and protect the environment.

Also, this is in response to the directive of Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome, wherein each police personnel should plant six tree seedlings in one month, according to LUPPO Chief Police Inspector Marlon Paiste.

Among the types of seedlings planted include mangroves, mahogany, narra, and fruit bearing fruits.

He said that there were nurseries built by LUPPO in Bacnotan where they can get seedlings by simply coordinating with the Chief of Police of the said town.

“However, due to the parched land caused by hot weather today, the status of our planting is very minimal. We cannot directly plant that’s why we chose the area where water and police unit or station is near in order for the policemen to be able to supervise the planted seedlings,” Paiste said.

He explained that in San Juan they planted near the slaughter area because water is abundant and barangay officials are very supportive.

After the tree planting, we monitor it after the day we plant. If the seedling does not grow well after 2 to 3 days, we plant again, Paiste added.

“For the case of promotable police personnel, they should get certification from barangay captains where they are assigned to, stating that they were able to plant at least 24 pieces of seedlings for the month so they will be included in the processing of promotion,” he explained during an interview at ‘Danggayan’ radio program held recently.

Paiste said that they will again undertake tree planting activity starting Tuesday, June 5 wherein 50 to 60 policemen of LUPPO will plant 50 seedlings all over their camp as part of its project dubbed as “Pulis Makakalikasan: 10 Milyong Puno, Pamana sa Kinabukasan. (ANL/MHH-PIA 1 La Union)

Pangasinan News: Saray eskuelaan diad Dagupan ontolok ed “no collection policy” na DepEd

SIYUDAD NA DAGUPAN, Mayo 30 (PIA) — Impanonot na Department of Education (DepEd) ed amin ya publikon eskuelaan diad sayan siyudad ya ontolok ed “no collection policy” tan ag ira mansisingil na anto ka man ya babayaran no panagpa-enrol.

Onong ed si Dr. William Macob, superbaysor na DepEd, inpaamta la ed amin ya bumabangat diad publikon eskuelaan ed sayan dibisiyon so sayan panamaakar. Kanian nailaluan na saray atateng ya anggapoy mansingil ed sikara no ipa-enrol da ray ilalak da.

Impaliwawa met nen Macob ya ag singilen iray mabuloy na kontribusyon no panagpa-enrol tan kada Hunyo. Laen lay bayar ed saya no kapigan walay okasiyon na sarayan organisasiyon.

Kaiba ed saray mabuloy na kontribusyon so “Boy Scouts of the Philippines,” “Girl Scouts of the Philippines,” “Philippine National Red Cross,” “Anti-Tuberculosis Fund Drive,” “Parents-Teachers Association,” palapag tan panmiembro ed saray organisasiyon.

Sayan panamaakar ya mangi-iyan na balangsakey ya Filipino ed eskuelaan na libre, et sakey ya aksiyon na gobierno pian labanan so kairapan. Garantiya met yan amin ya ogogaw tan kalangweran et makaorong, kagnapan na sakey a getma ed Millennium Development Goal. (ANL/AM-PIA Pangasinan)

Tagalog news: DepEd sa lungsod ng Dagupan ipinatupad ang “no collection policy”

LUNGSOD NG DAGUPAN, Mayo 29 (PIA) — Ipinatupad ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon o DepEd sa lungsod na ito ang “no collection policy” sa lahat ng mga pampublikong paaralaan kapag nagpatala ang mga magulang ng kanilang anak ngayong nalalapit na pasukan.

Ang “no collection policy” ng DepEd ay nagbabawal sa mga guro ng pampublikong paaralan na mangolekta ng anumang bayarin mula sa mga mag-aaral upang mahikayat ang marami pang magulang na pag-aralin ang mga bata at magkaroon ng pangunahing edukasyon.

Inihayag ngayong araw ng tagapangasiwa ng edukasyon sa lungsod na si Dr. William Macob sa kanyang panayam sa isang istasyon ng radyo na lahat ng mga guro rito ay naabisuhan na ukol sa patakarang ito. Nabigyan na rin sila ng mga patnubay para huwag maningil ng kahit anong kontribusyon ngayong pagpapatala.

Ayon kay Macob, “Makakaasa ang lahat ng mga magulang na walang maniningil sa kanila kapag nagpa-enrol ang kanilang anak ngayong pasukan.”

Nilinaw din niya na hindi kokolektahin ang mga bayarin sa paaralan na boluntaryo sa panahon ng pagpapatala at sa buwan ng Hunyo.

Kabilang dito ang pagbabayad ng Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP), Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), Anti-Tuberculosis Fund Drive, Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), pahayagan at paglahok sa mga organisasyon.

Ngunit, ang mga ito ay babayaran sa buwan kung kailan magdaraos ng okasyon ang mga organisasyon. Halimbawa, ang bayad sa BSP ay kinokolekta tuwing Oktubre para sa pagdiriwang ng Boy Scout Organization at ganoon din ang bayad sa GSP, paliwanag ni Macob.

Ang patakarang ito na nagbibigay pagkakataon para sa lahat ng kabataang Pilipino na makapag-aral ng libre ay isa sa mga hakbang ng pamahalaan upang labanan ang kahirapan.

Ito rin ay pagsasakatuparan sa pangako ng DepEd na magkaroon ng edukasyon ang lahat. Tinataya rin na sa taong 2015 makakamit ang isa sa mga layunin ng Millennium Development Goal (MDG) patungkol sa edukasyon. (ANL/AMM-PIA 1 Pangasinan)