OFWs treated fairly in Taiwan, says MECO chief

By Alex Romeo R. Fernandez

URDANETA CITY, Jan. 29 (PIA) — Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) enjoy greater working condition and better treatment in Taiwan than in other countries.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chief Amadeo R. Perez Jr. bared this fact during the Media in Action Forum of the Pangasinan Press Club held at the city hall on Friday.

“Maganda ang working condition sa Taiwan. All OFWs are treated fairly,” he stressed.

Perez, who was a former mayor of this city, said that the MECO and Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor achieved this by promptly working on cases filed by the OFWs.

“Only one complaint has been filed with the ministry since I took office,” he said.

OFWs in Taiwan number about 90,000, of which around 15 percent are caregivers and domestic helpers, while the remaining are factory workers, he said.

Perez added that workers in Taiwan also enjoy higher salaries compared to other countries, stating that an employee can earn an initial salary equivalent to P26,000 which can reach up to P45,000 if they work overtime.

The Philippines ranks third, after Indonesia and Vietnam, among the countries with the highest number of workers in Taiwan.

Filipino workers are preferred over other nationalities to work in the electronics sector because they have superior skills, he said.

MECO was established in 1975 to take care of the relationship, particularly economic, between the Philippines and Taiwan without compromising the One China Policy. (JCR/ARRF-PIA 1 Pangasinan)


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